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The Civil Air Patrol is part of the U. S. Air Force “Total Force.” In this video announcement made on August 28, 2015, our national commander, Major General Joe Vazquez talks about this significant change in Air Force doctrine.  We are Airmen.


New prospective members are always welcome to drop in and visit with us during our Thursday meetings.

Meeting locations vary with special activities happening all of the time; our site calendar and facebook page is generally up to date but please contact us to confirm our location before you visit..


When:   Every Thursday from 1800-2030 (6-8:30 pm)


Where:   Weeks 1,2 &3 = National Guard Armory

               820 Frank Ave, New Castle, PA 16101



Where:   Weeks 4 & 5 = Ben Franklin Early Learning

               Center (Lutton street entrance)

               647 E Lutton St, New Castle, PA 161011






Phone:  1st Lt Brian Lombardo @ 727.421.2438

              Capt. Dan Reed @ 724.252.2338






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Wing Site:

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1: Emergency services:  We perform non combat missions for the Air Force, Homeland, FEMA, 911 (etc) Some of our members choose to be trained as first responders in a variety of ways; search and rescue and disaster relief being the most common missions. We have the worlds largest private fleet of aircraft.  We have a nationwide backup communications system in place and ready for emergency use in case of a systemic failure of mainstream communications.


2: Cadet Programs (kids 12 to 18 can benefit from a wealth of program options; these kids could choose to be involved in some of these non combat missions; generally search and recovery and first responder type activities depending on their age and training. (see for some of our most impressive cadet activities - National Cadet Special Activities or NCSA's. ) *Children under the age of 12 may be able attend meetings if their parent signs up and brings them along; younger kids may benefit from the experience but will not be able to rank up or participate in higher echelon activities until they are old enough to join. Cadets are trained in aerospace, leadership and various professional development tracks that will help insure they have marketable skills that will help insure their future success as the leaders of tomorrow.   I suggest you watch this six minute '2018 year in review' video that highlights some of our cadet programs; this video was created by our cadets as part of our wing conference entertainment.  

The program takes quite a few years to successfully progress to the final stages; older students can benefit from it but the earlier they start the more they can achieve.  ( see for info regarding the achievements / aka ranks)  


3: Aerospace Education (AEM Program) Educators can access free STEM kits from our program along with other materials to help spark an interest in STEM careers. This program appeals to practically every type of educator;  science, tech, gifted, history, language arts, music/theater (our color guard performs, sings and plays music at various events) I could speak to any of them about our program options.



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