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Financial Support

(In Progress 50% complete Sept 2019)

How we earn our money:

Our squadron does not receive any funding outside of what our cadets do to earn money. 

Our primary source of income is from the Butler Farm show and Butler Fair Parking details where we have 20-30 members spend a combined 15 days 24/7 on site providing parking services.

We provide color guards, opening ceremonies, Missing Man tables and other requested military ceremonies to various people in the community and sometimes they are kind enough to offer a small donation.

We have done Candy sales, Car washes, Dinners and are always looking for more ways to earn our money.


How we spend our money:

Cadet Special Activities 50% of our budget: Not all cadets will get national scholorships; our squadron pays for the cadets who can't afford to go to various activities around the nation.  Basic Training Encampment for phase 1 costs around $200.00 (we send an average of four per year) , Leadership Development Course for phase 2 also costs close to $200. per cadet, (we aim to send 2 per year) Regional Leadership Development course requires more travel and the cost varies depending on air fare but averages around $500.00 (we aim to send one per year)

Uniforms 10% of our budget:  $80.00 to $1000.00+ per cadet nametapes, ribbons, devices the basic ABU and Blues uniform for a brand new cadet costs our squadron between $80 and $150. (we get some second hand uniform donations). As cadets go through our program we eventually have additional costs in Color Guard Service caps ($60.00 per cap), cords, blues jackets, blues rain gear and winter gear for the cold, wet parades in November and December...  As cadets become officers their shoulder boards alone cost us $40.00 per set.  In the end buying a complete set of two ABU and one blues uniform for a phase four cadet can easily be an investment of over a thousand dollars per cadet (broken down over time)

Fuel for our 12 passenger Air force Van: 10% of our budget The cost to drive to a local activity is about $15.00, there are about 40 events per year putting the total estimated cost at $600.00   We make about 6 long trips per year that cost around $100.00 in fuel (fort indiantown gap) so that doubles our fuel cost to about $1200.00

Emergency Services: When our cadets deploy to a Field Training Exercise (FTX)  it requires them to carry (on their back) everything they need to survive for 24 or 72 hours.  The cost of building these kits vary and our squadron has a goal of owning a set of five 24 hour 'go packs' that can be used at a moments notice.  Purchasing these kits, the food, tents and possibly special footgear (and other gear on our 'wish list') costs between $80 and $200 per cadet.

Aerospace Education & STEM:  We visit schools, our cadets teach the students various STEM activities.  These all have costs associated depending on the lesson plan, materials needed to build whatever item they are assembling that day...  The average cost per student is $2-$10.00 per activity and an average class will have 15-30 students at a total cost of $30-$300 per activity depending on the curriculum.  We often teach skills in flying UAVs (quadcopters, 'drones') and when these get damaged we have a cost of repair and replacement to get them flying again.



Investing in our squadrons future: 

We are always aiming to improve our ability to respond to the needs of our community.  To that end we have been working on a wish list of items.

Uniforms - We need ABU's, Blues, Boots, shoes or any Air force gear you are willing to donate.  Our members wear the black shined combat boots officially; but on ES missions we can wear anything that is safe for the mission.

(non official) PT Shirts - We always need more PT shirts, these cost us an average of $8.00 per shirt and we currently have about 60 people involved in our program here in Lawrence County who could use a new shirt once a year.

Five 24 hour Packs

Five 72 hour packs

Mission capable UAVs - DJI Mavic pro (or similar) $2000.00  With a camera / Microphone / spotlight / mission capable high quality drone our squadron can provide free inspections of local rooftops or hard to reach areas for the community.  We can aid in search and rescue to get into hard to reach places, caves, wells, etc.)

Training UAVs - Various companies exist $80.00 each - We would like to own six quality training drones so that we can provide free training to local institutions that need some hands on skills.

Toy UAV's - Various exist $30.00 each  - We would like to use these as introductory training for younger people (who aren't ready for a proper full size training uav)

Trailer, enclosed, 6x12 to 8x20 - this can hold our mobile gear so we can set up for STEM, Parking details, Emergency services or other community events on a moments notice (without needing 8 trips back and forth with individual vehicles)

Color guard Flags - Our flags are starting to show their age, we will need to buy a new set soon.

Color guard rifles - We have two rifles; as our squadron grows we would like to own a few more to expand our ability to train and perform ceremonies in the community.



Support our causes:


Wreaths Across America:

The Lawrence County Civil Air Patrol has partnered with Wreaths Across America by becoming a local fundraising group, assisting in the sales of wreaths to be placed on veterans’ graves at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies during December.

Click the Wreaths Across America logo (above) to learn more or to sponsor a wreath for only $15/ea. TOGETHER, we can insure that every veteran is remembered and honored this year!!



Airmans Attic:

at the 911th airlift in Moon Township:


BackPack Program Lawrence County:


Thanks to those who support us:


Butler Farm Show:

Every year they provide us the opportunity to earn money with a 5 day long parking detail.  This provides us with 60% of our operating budget.


Big Butler Fair: (Group 6 event)

Every year Group 6 hosts this fundraiser (which pays for our Group 6 conference and training of our members)  This provides us with 30% of our budget


Farone Brothers Catering:

We have hired them for numerous events over the years and occasionally they donate food to our squadron events.


VFW Post 315 New Castle

They have provided financial support so we were able to provide scholorships to some of our cadets to attend encampments, Flight academies and other opportunities.


VFW Post 6345 Mercer

Each year they provide our members a free lunch after we do the color guard for the Mercer Memorial day parade.


LCCAP - Lawrence County Community Action Partnership

They provide us with facilities to conduct our training, meetings and events from 2017 (to current)


402 QM Battalion Army Reserves 410 Miller Avenue New Castle PA

They provided us with facilities to conduct our training, meetings and events from 2017 through 2019 and are always happy to assist if we call.


HQ 107th Batallion National Guard Armory 820 Frank Ave, New Castle, PA 16101

They have provided us with facilities to conduct our training, meetings and events since our charter was formed.





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