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Aerospace Education

Join as an Aerospace Education Member (AEM) of Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and enjoy many free aerospace/STEM educational opportunities ranging from receipt of a variety of curriculum materials and STEM Kits to participating in a teacher orientation flight aboard one of our Cessna aircraft at your local airport. This unique membership category is designed for formal or informal educators involved in promoting aerospace/STEM education in classrooms, homeschools, museums, libraries, or other youth organizations. To learn more about membership and opportunities available to CAP educator members, refer to the links below.

*****  If you already know about the program and are ready to join using our quick online application, click here.

There is a one-time $35 membership fee. In the following year and annually thereafter, an educator member can receive a free renewal if he/she wishes to continue using the CAP AE products and programs. Renewal e-mails are sent about 60 days from expiration.  If you miss the e-mail and need to renew, use the renewal form attachment in the right top corner.

Get to know Civil Air Patrol with a pdf version of the  Overview Presentation for Educators (This is a National level Document)

If you still have questions, please email us at

Free Renewal Form (this is only for use as directed by AE National HQ)

***AE Officer PowerPoint presentation for educators that can be revised/personalized, as is needed (takes a while to open): * AEM PowerPoint Presentation- Introduction for AEMs    

If a quick AEM overview is needed, the same presentation in a quicker (printable) download is found in pdf form HERE.   

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Facts about our program in Lawrence County:

1: This program can help you expand your schools budget by allowing your teachers to order 'free' STEM kits on a monthly bases starting September 1st through the end of May (9 kits per year).  The program has a one time 35.00 fee per sign up with no renewals or other fee's.
     a. If this fee concerns you, our squadron would be happy to sponsor one of your teachers for free; have them contact us for more details.
     b. We would like to have the opportunity to address your staff to detail our STEM program and its benefits.
     c. As of  Sept 2019 we have 18 educators signed up in Lawrence County who are using our STEM kits in their classrooms including New Castle, Shenango, Mohawk, Ellwood City, Laurel and Head Start. 

2. We can provide Color Guard, Honor Guard, missing man tables, small ensembles, Fly overs or other veteran / community service type requests.

3. We can serve your students by offering an alternative JROTC type program. Please let us present our cadet program to your students at any assemblies, career fairs, club sign up days or even just another lunch visit would be greatly appreciated. 

4: We can run a  Red Ribbon Leadership academy in your school; this  outreach program allows our cadets the opportunity to practice their leadership skills in the community.

5: We can help you with your Cyber Patriot program.  (Currently New Castle School district is the only Lawrence county school running this)

6: We can run (or help you with) the StellarXplorers program.  Each of those can be ran by your school independently (and for free if you are Title 1)  

7: We can offer Emergency services training; basic first aid and other life saving practical skills.


Suggested STEM kit Calendar / Important Dates:

August Your local CAP squadrons Aerospace Officer is available to meet with your teachers; insuring they have their STEM curriculum planned and ready for the year.

September we want to promote our Cadet programs to your new Jr high students.  In whatever way you are willing to allow us; an assembly or classroom atmosphere is best.  We can set up at lunch for everyone else. We provide Guidance with cadet programs flyers to distribute.

October 1st is when the first set of STEM kits are approved and sent out; make sure your order is placed.

December we should be finalizing plans for the spring STEM fair; ideally all county schools will send their best and brightest to a central location for an all inclusive event.

March or April is the ideal time to hold your STEM fair.  This will avoid all the schedule conflicts that happen at the end of the school year.

June 1st the last orders are approved from the month of May; plan to use this kit over the summer or in September for the next school year.


More knowledge specific to your Lawrence County Squadron:

I will attach three PDF links with more information you can review; if your school policy forbids clicking links I can submit the PDF or Word files directly.  These documents are specific to my squadron and I'm sure there are some small items that don't apply to other squadrons but the general program information is universal across the nation.


1. Intro_To_CAP_For_Schools_v1_2018_dec (This is a 7 page general introduction detailing what Civil Air Patrol is and how it can help your school.) *the Intro to schools PDF includes some links to power point displays; I will copy them here for your quick reference:


2. School_Integration_Plan_v1_2019  (smaller 4 page document outlining specifics on how we can work with schools; skipping the general 'who is civil Air Patrol' information)


3. Cadet Welcome Pack V1 2019  (For prospective Cadet Members; this covers the most basic of pre joining information)


For those who enjoy Powerpoints:

1. General Presentation Squadron 123   (General description of what we do at a squadron level)


2. CAP Aerospace Education PA level  (This is comparable to the national powerpoint but is specific to Lawrence County and PA )



Once you are a member:


click Members - Educators  to get the simple cliffnotes of what you can/cant do and other important things a new AEM should be aware of.


From there you will go to Members - Educators - New AEM guide  for detailed first time account creation and training information


If you want your efforts documented on our website we will happily add your story to our 'CAP in Schools page.



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