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ES Radio Nets

Radio Nets

Group 1 and the Pennsylvania Wing (PAWG) are firm believers that using radios properly is a key component to a successful activity, training exercise, or real mission*. Because of this, several opportunities are provided each week to allow members to use their radios and practice radio etiquette (such as pro-words and net control) in a safe environment, and several mock missions are staged throughout the year (usually on a weekend) to further test our radio capabilities. It is highly recommended that each squadron in Group 1 participates in the Group 1 net at least once weekly because announcements may be distributed via radio.

To be issued radio equipment, find the frequency or repeater for a net, or to help troubleshoot equipment, contact your unit's Communication Officer.

To be assigned a call sign, contact the Group Communications Officer.

*NOTE: The safety of our members is our first priority. If using the radios, putting up antennas in inclement weather, or any communications activity poses a risk, contact your Safety Officer for help in trying to mitigate risk, or simply do not conduct the activity.

Group 1 Net**
The radio nets in this section are controlled by one of the squadrons within Group 1, on the following days and times, using R42:

Monday, 1900: Butler (712)
Tuesday, 1830: Allegheny (602)
Wednesday, 1830: Washington (601)

**Out-of-Group and Out-of-Wing stations are permitted to check in on the net at the time designated by the net controller.Depending on where you're located with respect to the repeater, you will be able to listen to and check in on the net.

The PAWG net runs daily from Monday thru Saturday at 1700. This net does not run on Sundays or on major holidays.Like the group net, stations are permitted to check in on the net at the time designated by the net controller. On days when Group 1 is participating in exercises (Winter Weekend, Mobility Exercise, Fort Ligionier Days, etc), we make every effort to coordinate bringing the equipment and creating the schedule to accommodate checking in on the PAWG net. The net can be found on NEC.

Northeast Region (NER) Net
The Northeast Region runs a net, similar to Group 1 and the PAWG. The NER net runs every Monday (major holidays excepted) at 2100 on HF.
Ċ PA_Wing_Repeaters.pdf
This document is an image, geographically, of which repeaters are where in PAWG. Courtesy of Maj Glenn Ward.      May 9, 2017, 1:55 PM Group 1
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