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New York City Trip

One of the unique trips we plan for our members is a trip to the New York City area where we aim to cover two or three quick stops.  These stops vary but could include;

The 9/11 memorial with a special tour

Statue of Liberty

The USS Intrepid Museum "Operation Slumber" overnight program.

They have quite a few upcoming dates which can be found on our website here: The price for Operation Slumber is $130 per person but a rate of $99 per person can be extended for Civil Air Patrol groups. We require a $30 per person non-refundable deposit to secure any number of spaces. Attached are some FAQ’s and a Pre-visit kit with all of the information required for a visit. We need from you a breakdown of your group (Adults vs youth) contact information from a group leader, your payment information, as well as your address in order to book. If you have any questions or would like to book feel free to give me a call at 646-381-5015 or email at All the best, Edward Meyersburg Group Sales Representative


1: If we book 350 they would give 50 of them for free; significantly lowering the cost for everyone ($5,000.00 discount) - making it $85.00 each instead of 99.00 each *Or we could offer 50 people 'free tickets' as awards / scholarships, or we could offer coach transport.

2: FAQ FY19

3: Pre visit kit (forms)

Sample itinerary based of 2019's trip:

The trip would consist of leaving early in the morning on Oct 12 *This is a 6+ hour trip each way. The same day we would try to visit the 9-11 site and also Battery Park to view the Statue of Liberty. That evening we would get guided tours of the Intrepid facilities and sleep on the ship. The second day we would explore any areas of the facilities that were not in the tours and then depart for home.

$30.00 per person deposit is required by the Sept 5th meeting so reservations can be made.

Included in the trip is dinner the first night, a late evening snack, breakfast the next morning, tickets and transportation.

Money for lunch the two days/any other food and any spending money they'd like are not included. If there are any questions,concerns, or issues with funding please feel free to contact me anytime! $99.00 per person

Full Schedule:

Leaving early Sat morning around 03:00

Park at Salvation army (one block from Intrepid; previously allowed cap vans to park, verify or parking will cost $40.00 per van.

Going to 9/11 memorial - private tour possibly

Going to Battery Park.

6:15 pm Report to intrepid- sign in they provide cots, dinner, late night snack and breakfast (bagles / dry food)

7pm to 11 flashlight tours

8:30 shuttle tour

Everyone gets a free return pass for use in the next 60 days that includes the next morning.

7:am Check out; load the vans.

7:30 use the pass to take the tour of the submarine and other things that were closed the night before.

1pm Grab lunch - leave and head home

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