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Squadron YouTube page:



2018 PA Wing Year in review: conference slideshow video




Cadet Kaltenbach's video from Laurel School on Patriot Day:

 Olivia Kaltenbach, Nolan Curran and Jacob Alfano recorded this Flag ceremony on video and it was played at Laurel School on 9/11/2019





"Eyes in the Sky"

Pilot interview + Cadet Sara Brewster interview (Billy Mitchell cadet)



"Tactical to Practical" History Channel

Short; three minute video describing CAP with some facts on WWII  1941 - finds 173 subs, attacks 57 - sink 2 with 125,000 volunteers during WWII."


Join Civil Air Patrol

Good quality video made by a cadet going by k80girlx3 (Theme Transformers - Arrival To Earth Steve Jablonsky)


Black Hawk Intercepts a Cessna 182

One of the missions performed by our Air Crews is to train alongside various active duty components of our military.



"Kids helping lost kids"   Channel news 13



Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activities

Youngstown Squadron made a 10 minute video showing off some of the things they do.

Quality channels on Military Topics:

Airman Vision Channel focused on Military topics


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