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The process to join as a Senior member requires a few steps and a paper application to be sent to national HQ through the mail.



Would you like to honor and serve America?  Do you want to prepare for your future while making new friends?  CAP’s Cadet Program is open to all youths, male and female, ages 12 to 18.  We participate in a wide variety of activities.  Cadets learn to fly, camp, train in search and rescue, and earn honors and increased responsibility as they advance through a series of achievements. Our members wear the United States Air Force uniforms with our distinctive CAP insignia.

CAP needs and welcomes all adult volunteers.  Pilots, doctors, nurses, teachers, computer programmers, paramedics, radio operators, parents, just about any background can be useful to and found in our ranks. There is something for everybody in Civil Air Patrol.

*As long as you are not yet 19 you can join the cadet programs and remain in them until you are 21; with a few exceptions.



The leadership skills, self-confidence, and discipline that the cadets gain through CAP prepare them to achieve the goals that they set for themselves in life.  Cadets that achieve the Billy Mitchell Award are given a higher pay upon entry into the various armed forces and the Coast Guard.  There are over thirty specialty training opportunities available to cadets including glider flight, powered flight, and pararescue training

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