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Our program has helped many people; both seniors and cadets to grow and better themselves.  Here we will build a historic list of some of our local squadron members (past and present) who have benefited from this program.  


Lawrence County Composite Squadron 123:

(In progress; still waiting on some quotes, images and a full list of names to be recognized)

Boylind, Doug: Home schooled, Attended Geneva College now he is a guitarist and can be reached at

Quote: "Civil air patrol was an amazing experience. I've made some if my closest friends through this organization. I learned to step outside of my comfort zone and take initiative. My advice to anyone new in the program would be to utilize it to its full potential. "




Buckley, Isaac  Attended Shenango School district, Graduated from Lawrence County Vo Tech and is now a CDL heavy haul driver.  He is still active with our squadron (running our parking detail each year at the Butler Farm Show). He can be reached through

Quote:  "Persue your dreams with all your energy and happiness will follow"


Curran, Shane, Left CAP around 2013 to become an Army 1st Lt




Curran, Caleb Left CAP around 2016 to join the USCG E-3  Quote: As a former cadet, I can't stress enough how effective these schools are at turning cadets into leaders. I spent over seven summers actively involved as a student and staff member and the experience I received has allowed me to succeed as a Coast Guardsman. Take full advantage of these programs and the benefits they will bring. As cadets you are the next generation of American Military, Civil and Commercial leaders. These schools will set you up for success if you put in the  effortless!



Conn, Anthony, USAF TSgt  Left CAP August 2019




Gess, Jared PANG Spc (2017)




Gess, Robin Army E-3 Graduated from Ellwood City Schools 2019, former Cadet Commander, ran our Color Guard Academy, heavily involved in the squadron at all levels. She enlisted in the US Army and left for Basic in June 2019.  




Lombardo, Shannon, Graduated from Mohawk in 2018 and is now attending the University of Houston. She earned her 'Curry' on Nov 19 2015, Attended Basic Encampment June 2016, LDC in June 2017, Staffed CTS as PAO in 2018 and achieved the rank of C/SMSgt May 17, 2018 during her last year of high school.  She was a flight commander, involved in Public Affairs, IT, recruitment and Color Guard.  She can be reached here:

Quote: "Civil Air Patrol helped me step out of my comfort zone, and because of the program I gained a lot of confidence in myself. CAP gave me the tools to become a leader, and because of it I was able to lead my school's drumline and many other events. My advice to anyone thinking of joining; do it!! Theres so many opportunities, growth, and memories to be had."



Maunz, David, Army Guard (2017)




McArdle, Samantha, Graduated from Wilmington Area High School in 2019 and now attending Slippery Rock. She is still an active cadet in our program.  She can be reached via facebook:

Quote: The most important message I can relay to anyone joining or already a part of the program is that you will get from it what you give. Take every chance, sign up for every event, and involve yourself in as many activities within the program as you can. It is all there to make you a better leader and person. Take advantage of your options and make the most of your time in the program.




McCollum, Joseph Lee II: Graduated from Neshannock High School in 2019, he was a Cadet 2nd Lt in the Lawrence County Civil Air Patrol, our former cadet commander and left for the Air Force Academy in July 2019.  He attended multiple NCSA's during his time in our squadron and he had a positive impact on many of our cadets over his years in the program.  He can be reached here:

Basic Training quote: “Success isn’t owned, it is leased and rent is due everyday!” “When the snows fall and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”




McCracken, Jonathan, Army E-4  

Image details:  (L-R) Caleb Curran, Doug Boylind, Jonathan McCracken, Isaac Buckley, (+unknown) stopped by to visit the squadron while home on leave. McCracken had just graduated from Army Basic Training at Fort Benning, GA. He reported to Fort Stewart, GA, to serve with an Infantry Division




Medvit, Nathaniel 




Prentice, Daniel, USAF SSgt Former Cadet commander, one time Group 6 Cadet of the Year



Randall, Patricia A    10-Feb-2006    28-Feb-2015  Major Randall was a former Squadron Commander and Senior member for nine years.



Reed, David USAF Ssgt 




Ringler, Jake USMC 



Wedge, Chaz, Army Guard Former Cadet



Wedge, Senior member, Major in the Civil Air Patrol, Former squadron commander.



Wilver, Patrick, Former cadet commander in the Civil Air Patrol’s cadet program and earning the General Billy Mitchell Award were important stepping stones in achieving his goal of an Appointment to West Point. 

Quote:  "I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2013 with a degree in civil engineering. I served as a rifle and mortar platoon leader at Fort Stewart, GA before going on to serve as a future operations planner in Korea, and I am a graduate of the grueling U.S. Army Ranger School. These experiences taught me how to manage competing demands, solve impossible problems, meet hard deadlines, and handle tough personalities – skills that today allow me to smoothly guide my clients through the complex process of buying or selling real estate."






Nationally known CAP members: 

In the drop down menu we will aim to collect information about the truly famous CAP members who have made real history in one way or another.

Col Eric Boe - Astronaut Credits CAP Cadet experience with success in aviation:



Cadets who 'Aimed High' (17 examples of cadets who have excelled thanks in part to this program)


World War 2 Era famous people involved in CAP:


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