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There are many types of 'Encampments'.



Basic Encampment Cadets:

Here are some collective tips to help you maximize your Encampment experience from Major Steve Aaron:

1. Keep a humble and positive attitude. ENC is meant to be a challenge and to push you
individually. You will not succeed at everything you do - this is expected and 100% normal!

2. Brush up on reporting procedures and customs & courtesies. Customs and courtesies will be
drilled into you and required from you all week long.

3. Use your CTQ (Call to Quarters) time wisely in the evening. Unwind, get prepared for the
following day, and encourage and support your fellow squadron-mates. This time is set aside
for YOU and your squadron-mates to do barracks maintenance, polish your boots, and talk
about the day and how you can work better together as a team tomorrow to accomplish your
goals -- maybe even Squadron of the Day honors!!

4. Make friends quickly within your squadron by helping each other succeed. The opportunities
will present themselves, but you'll need to make the most of those opportunities. Teamwork
will be key to your squadron being successful!

5. Bring your "never give up" attitude and fight through the difficult moments. The first several
days are the most challenging as the "training environment" will be new to most of you -- it
WILL become easier and rewarding if you do you very best!

6. Look forward to and enjoy the Field Trips & Activities. Some of your activities will be once in
a lifetime experiences or opportunities, so HAVE FUN and make the most of them!

7. Begin hydrating NOW. You will be required to hydrate frequently during encampment, but
making sure you are properly hydrated PRIOR TO Encampment (especially if you do not
typically drink much water) will help your body to respond better at the beginning of the week
and make you far less likely to become dehydrated.

Remember, the purpose of Encampment is to make you better as a person, prepared as a
cadet, and motivated to pursue and achieve amazing things throughout your life.

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