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New Cadet Info

When you join you will receive something that looks like this:


Congratulations and Welcome to the Civil Air Patrol!


CAPID: 123456

(Your Name)

Your Civil Air Patrol membership application has been processed. Your new cadet kit should arrive about 10-15 mail days after delivery of this email. Your membership card should arrive in approximately 3-4 weeks in a separate mailing.

Register for an eServices Account

The next step is for you to register for an online member account, called an eServices account. This members-only account provides you access to your membership information, online training, and more.

1. Go to Find First Time User on the right hand menu and select "Click Here to Register"

2. Follow the instructions and enter the information requested to register for a username and password. Note that you can use your CAP Identification Number, called a CAPID, instead of a username to log into eServices. Your CAPID number is listed at the top of this email.

If you are a former member and had an eServices account, use the Password Assistance link instead of registering for a new account.

New Cadet Kit

You should receive your new cadet kit about 10-15 mail days after receiving this email. The kit contains important resources you will need to get started in CAP including the Aerospace Dimensions textbook, Learn to Lead Cadet Drill Guide, New Cadet Guide and a Parents' Guide.

You can also find electronic versions of all of the material in the Cadet Online Library:

Membership Card

You will receive your membership card by mail in about 3-4 weeks after you receive this email. Photo membership cards are only provided to cadets who are 18 years or older.

Since your membership card will take at least 3-4 weeks to arrive, you may want to print a temporary membership card from your eServices account. Instructions can be found at

Help for New Cadets

You can find more information about getting started in CAP online at

The New Cadet Guide provides more information on what you should do next. If you have any questions please contact your Unit Commander, Personnel Officer or Deputy Commander for Cadets. They are all there to help you get your membership off on the right track.

This is an unattended mailbox. Please do not respond to this email. Thank you.


The following info is to help point you to information:

All the info referenced here is on our national page and (eventually) you will be taught this information by your mentor/ wingman or other people.


New Member Basic info Section 1 :



The Civil Air Patrol has many aspects and it would take hours to tell you about all of them.  Once I know what your interests are I can address them specifically.


I'll start with the national links; they will give you the official overview.  The first two are the most relevant, the books that follow are what the cadets actually learn from (if you want to see the curriculum)


1. Todays' Cadets Tomorrows Aerospace Leaders


2. Parents Guide to CAP


3. Our Squadrons 'Introductory Cadet Packet' with various info that you would generally get on your first visit.


4. You can access the Aerospace Curriculum The Journey of Flight vol 3  (used for all aerospace tests;) - these are available through Eservices, the national website or you can get a merged together version from Lawrence County Squadrons drive here:


5. Learn to lead books are located here: (Required to pass a Leadership test for each promotion) 


New Member Basic info Section 2 :



As the cadet begins their career, the parents / guardians should begin theirs as well.  This is an excellent program that can help bring families together with shared goals and activities.


First things first; joining this program you should consider setting a goal to attend one of the Regional or National Level cadet activities.  Browse through them here: 


Please save this someplace it will  be your all in one reference guide to our squadron.  Please do not be overwhelmed by its size, read through it at your convenience and over time this information will become second nature.  Please be sure you are aware of upcoming calendar events; you are welcome to participate in CAP events all over the nation in every region or state - but you must get permission in many cases or fill out applications. Scholarships are available for many of these as well.  Your #1 goal right now is to earn your Curry (first rank) so that you can attend Basic Encampment. 


The goal of this email is to do three things: 

1 - prepare you for uniforms 

2 - get you communicating with us.

3 - give you access to more information.


1: Uniforms & Cadet Worksheet:

First we get you into ABU's (BDU's are still authorized but we have converted). To earn your first rank you will need to have a complete properly worn utility uniform.  


Once you earn your first rank you will be authorized to wear the dress uniform.  You will be awarded a credit to purchase items on Vanguard's website.  Keep in mind that we have access to some free items.  Be sure to fill out the Uniform Size worksheet so that we can try to get you as much as we can for free; then the money you are awarded can go to the last few items that we may not be able to get.  Also; its worth noting that Vanguard clothing is NOT the same sizing that a normal military uniform would use.  There are also differences in quality.

Curry voucher info:  


You will be given edit access to a document called the Cadet Worksheet. The Uniform tab is available to type your info in; I'm happy to do this for you at a meeting.  If you need training in how to use SHEETS please let us know.


Cadet Worksheet - view access (request edit access if you don't have it yet)


2a: Communication intro :Remind App. This is our rapid response system for last minute changes to meeting times or other weekly notices.


2b Communications Facebook Group - *and Page.  A Page is for business use, to display large events we do to the public. Please 'like it'  the Group is for private communications and internal conversations between everyone involved specifically with our squadron. please 'join' it. 


2c Communications Discord *optional

We also have a Discord server that a few cadets are working on that you may join.  *(this is a work in progress - an upgraded chat system that is not fully implemented; it is a popular platform that many are adopting and is totally OPTIONAL)


There are a few ways to use and join the chat room; it is an APP which allows primarily Text support - with some automation bot support - and voice chat for group conversations over wifi/ data.


1 = Web Browser (no app needed) -- (Easy solution with a good menu system; best used with a mouse as Right clicking is an option)

a. Once you have created an account and are logged into the app on your browser - navigate to  (in a web browser) and it will auto generate a .gg code that can be used to get you into the chat room.


2. Windows / Apple /Linux Computer dedicated software program  (Best solution for speed of use; a mouse is ideal for the additional menu options that can't be accessed via the app)


3= App - available for IOS / Android   (solution is acceptable for those talking in the rooms but its difficult to manage the server settings requiring extra steps due to not having a right click option)

a. Once you have set up your app click the + button and use the following code (upper / lower case must be correct)  



2d: Calendars

We encourage all cadets to use a Gmail account *or some other cloud type mail / calendar suite.  You can easily see what your family, friends, sports teams and others are doing -with instant updates by linking calendars.  Open the following calendars and click the bottom right section to add it to your personal device.




Group 6:


PA Wing (PAWG):


3: Information - New cadet packs - on Day one you should have received a mini collection of papers to help introduce you to the program.  upon joining you should choose a nice quality 3 ring zipper binder - we recommend Case-it 2-in-1 Zipper D-Ring Dual Binder for their durability and versatility (This has TWO sets of rings).  This should last you many years if cared for.


Application Checklist:


New Cadet Packet (day one guide with the above checklist on front) 


The largest most important part of our squadron information sharing is the 'Welcome Guide' 

You can find the Squadron Welcome Guide online here:

Just start at the top and work your way down...  its huge and will direct you to so much info that you will be reading and learning for hours if you really wanted to. As you go down deeper into this document you will eventually run into Senior member information.


4: Spreadsheet links:

We organize with a variety of digital documents that are worked on by all members.  Here are links to some of the commonly used sheets.  We will get you edit access to these after your initial training.

Activities planning - view access:


Cadet Worksheet - view access  *Your uniform sizes will be typed into here so we can place orders for what you need


Public Agenda - view access


Senior Worksheet -view access


5: Events you may not be aware of being new - *we will cover this later.  (most but not all of these are on our website calendar) -also check Facebook.



6: CAP ID card will be sent to you with NO photo on it; unless you upload an approved photo to E services. (generally Cadets dont put photo's on their ID's but Senior members do)   We will also seek to use that same image for our Squadron Organizational board on the wall.


7: Promotion Goals = we need to walk you through your goals; we have a spreadsheet and you have that in your cadet starter pack.


-Every 56 days (8 weeks) you can promote; unless you are in Jr ROTC-  then you may be eligible for faster promotions.  Generally you should have all the things completed before the official promotion date; including your promotion board.  If you have everything completed early you will be officially promoted on the books at the exact moment you are eligible even if that day doesn't fall on a normal meeting.  You can not wear your new rank until you have officially been pinned at a meeting.

Websites like this can help you calculate the 8 week time limit if you need:  


8: Training Matrix - There are random things we teach our squadron members. See our "Senior Worksheet" for more information.


9: Duty Positions = If you have the desire to take on a job we will happily begin to train you for it.  Some positions require rank but most are available to anyone.  There is a large list available; cadets can earn the professional development badge if they successfully perform tasks as outlined in the Cap Regulations specific to the duty position.


10: How to organize contacts:

I suggest you make a new Email folder for all CAP related items.  As you add new people to your contact list I suggest adding them with the following format:

First name, Last name, Company=CAP, Notes= Squadron# & CAPID,  Job= DutyPosition, phone #  (or simply type it all into NOTES)

We will give you a quick lesson on contact cards once we sit down and get you all set up; this is part of the training matrix


*if you are more advanced with your contacts I recommend you add 'company' as CAP and 'job title' as their duty position; or add 'NOTES'

11: Accessing Aerospace and Leadership books online:


Those cadets who are familiar with the Learning Management system will know where to find downloads; some of you are new and may not have these books yet from National. This will allow you to use the book to take your tests online through E services to earn your promotions.


You can access the Aerospace The Journey of Flight vol 3 in our squadron drive here:


The Learn to lead books are here (for your leadership tests) 



12: (More) Information - There is much to learn; these links will direct you to a few handy things that may be more important up front. Everything you need will be provided, everything you must learn is on the main website.  This will just give you a guide to get you started.


a. Items that will come in your join kit that you may want a digital copy of:

1. Cadet SuperChart 


2. You can access the Aerospace The Journey of Flight vol 3  (used for all aerospace tests; you should read it cover to cover) in our squadron drive here:


3. Learn to lead books: (Required to pass a Leadership test for each promotion) 


b. Other handy documents not provided by national that you should print out; request a copy from us if you dont have one. - Many of these are online via the GoCivilAirPatrol website.


1. Respect on Display: 


2. Wearing the uniform (sewing tips included) 


3. Drill and Ceremony: 


4. CAP Ribbon Builder ( to arrange ribbons properly)


5. Ribbon placement (specifics for devices on ribbons and other fine print);topic=3179.0;attach=4475


6. Care and Feeding of your Cadet (Parent info)


7. Parents Guide to CAP


8. Todays' Cadets Tomorrows Aerospace leaders


9. Emergency Services training info:


10. Wearing the uniform:


11. CAP Drill guide 60-33


12. Advanced Drill


13. Aerospace Activities for Cadets:


14. Physical Fitness Guide 60-50





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