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Members: Educators

This page is for our existing members.  If you are looking for information about Joining as an AEM please click here


We are happy to have you involved in our program!  

We want to have an active partnership with you; please know that you are welcome to be involved in our squadron (to a limited extent defined by the rules of our organization) and we encourage you to invite us into your classroom to support you with a variety of activities.


External Aerospace Education Members (AEMs) have the opportunity to be involved in the CAP program in a few (limited) ways.  Each of these will require command approval at the appropriate level and possibly extra security clearance steps depending on the location. 

The concept of your membership is that you not be directly involved in our program and will only participate in a few limited ways.    You may choose to change your membership type; you will simply have to be willing to meet the requirements of the membership type you choose.


You will NOT:

regularly attend meetings
work directly with cadets unsupervised
wear the Air Force (or CAP) uniforms
participate in our professional development programs
promote or earn any ranks


You MAY:  (with commanders approval)

attend an occasional meeting (as long as you are not alone with the cadets)
work with cadets while a senior (Adult CAP) member is present.
wear an unofficial CAP Physical Training uniform
participate in our professional development programs
access military installations for specific reasons using your CAP ID (With additional requirements)
invite members of your local unit to assist in your school
attend Conferences and special event activities


Goals for the new AEM:

1. Meet your local squadron; attend a meeting on Aerospace Education night (or whatever night you prefer)

2. Get your TOP flight scheduled; the process can take a few weeks to set up so I suggest planning a month in advance.  

3. Request a CAP/USAF T shirt from your local unit and wear it to school when you do your STEM kit (or anytime you feel patriotic) 

4. Ask to have member(s) from your local unit assist with your classroom activity.  Its likely that we have cadets attending your school who could easily lighten your workload over the course of this activity.  

5. Get the date for your local Group and Wing conferences; keep your eyes open for an opportunity to do STEM activities in the Region or National level. 

6. Consider hosting a Red Ribbon Leadership academy  in your school.  Our cadets can do all of the work; you just have to provide the classroom for about 6 hours and at least 6 students willing to take the course.

7. Speak with your local Aerospace Education officer (AEO) to get ideas on how to implement the STEM kits into your curriculum.

8. Speak with your local AEO to help organize a county wide STEAM night.  





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