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New AEM Guide

Training for your new AEM:    

It takes 20 minutes to sign up and order your first kit.


1. You visit the National 'GoCivilAirPatrol' website; click join. and pay the one time $35.00 fee with a credit card. 

a. Speak to your school business office to get a purchase order or to request use of their credit card. 


2. You will receive your CAP ID in an email confirming your membership

a. You should make a 'CAP' folder in your email where you can save the handful of communications you will get over the year - which will include these first few emails with all the instructions, links and tutorials.

b. You will need this ID to access the online system, fly in our planes or access military facilities (if involved in an activity)


3. Go to Cap National Headquarters website (a different site) and set up your account by choosing 'click here to register'

a. You will input your Last Name, last 4 digits of your Social, date of birth and Email address.

b. You will receive another email containing your temporary password.


4. You will return to the  Cap National Headquarters website and login with your CAP ID and Temporary Password.

a. You will have the option to change your password

b. You can choose to upload a photograph so that your ID card will have your image (not required)


5. You will want to access the following areas:

a. Learning Management System will show all the training materials for the various STEM kits.  Find your lesson plan, training videos and certificates of completion to offer the students.  Most of these will be PDF files with some video links included.

b. Stem Kit Application & Evaluation (when you are finished; you answer a few questions about the kit to provide feedback and verify that you completed it)

d. Aerospace Education Downloads (the 40+ books)

e. Aerospace Education Materials (6 curriculum materials in print per year)


6. After you have completed your STEM kit and filled out the Evaluation you can order another kit.  

a. Kits are available to order starting September 1st, on October 1st NHQ will process all orders from September.  Approved orders will be paid for by national and vendors will ship directly to the local schools.  This process repeats each month through the school year with the final STEM kit orders being processed on June 1st.  The program will then retool over the summer to evaluate the results from the year, choose new vendors and prepare the program again for the fall.

   1) It is possible that your kit may be placed on backorder as the year progresses and companies run out of inventory.  Feel free to reach out to national HQ directly with any questions or speak with your local Squadron Aerospace Officer who can help you.

   2) These are yours to keep forever, there is no renewal fee and there is no commitment for you to do anything with Civil Air Patrol or the Air Force for participating in this program.  It is being provided to help encourage interest in STEM careers in our youth.  Some of these kits are valued at a few hundred dollars; the value you get from this program is incredible.


A list of kits are maintained here: 


More knowledge specific to your Lawrence County Squadron:

I will attach three PDF links with more information you can review; if your school policy forbids clicking links I can submit the PDF or Word files directly.  These documents are specific to my squadron and I'm sure there are some small items that don't apply to other squadrons but the general program information is universal across the nation.


1. Cadet Welcome Pack V1 2019  (To give to prospective Cadet Members)


2. Intro_To_CAP_For_Schools_v1_2018_dec (This is a 7 page general introduction detailing what Civil Air Patrol is and how it can help your school.) *the Intro to schools PDF includes some links to power point displays; I will copy them here for your quick reference:


3. School_Integration_Plan_v1_2019  (smaller 4 page document outlining specifics on how we can work with schools; skipping the general 'who is civil Air Patrol' information)


For those who enjoy Powerpoints:

1. General Presentation Squadron 123   (General description of what we do at a squadron level)


2. CAP Aerospace Education PA level  (This is comparable to the national powerpoint but is specific to Lawrence County and PA )

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