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Members: Seniors

Senior members choose a specialty track, to determine their CAP duty assignment and required training. To accomplish its mission, CAP requires an informed, active senior membership trained in leadership, management, and functional tasks. The CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program prepares members to serve their units, their communities, and their nation.

Please see the 'New Senior Member' page for in depth information, guides, links and training to help you self educate at whatever pace you feel appropriate.  Some members progress through these levels incredibly fast, others choose to take longer.  We do not want to overwhelm you with information so just set your goals and work towards them at your own pace.


The Professional Development Program has five levels:

Level 1 - Orientation: 

The basic introduction to CAP, its missions, functions, and the command structure.

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Training Leaders of Cadets - Basic Course

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Level 2 - Technical Training: 

Provides opportunities to learn new skills for CAP and for individual growth and leadership.

Level II: Technical Training

Level 3 - Management: 

For senior members serving as squadron, group, or wing commanders and for staff officers.

Level 4 - Command and Staff: 

For members who desire to become high-level leaders in CAP.

Level 5 - Executive: 

Advanced leadership and management, for those officers performing duty as commanders or staff officers.

Sometimes, life or work experiences can give you a head start in the senior program. For instance, if you are a former cadet and you have been out of the program for less than 2 years, you may be exempt from Level I. If you are a current, former, or retired member of the armed forces – active duty, reserves, or National Guard, you may be able to transfer your grade in the military. You may also be able to get credit from some of the Professional Military Education courses you have taken. You may be able to obtain a higher grade if you have a mission-related skill such as a pilot or a communicator. Other careers that may qualify you for advanced grade are clergy, educator, flight mechanic, attorney, and medical professional.

Grade or rank isn’t everything, however. Often, the most responsible staff positions are held by members with little “brass” on their shoulders. They are less concerned with grade than with achieving satisfaction by showing initiative and working hard at their jobs.

Cadet Sponsor Member is a membership category established to allow parents, grandparents and guardians of current CAP cadets to assist their unit’s cadet program by providing adult supervision, transportation, overnight chaperons, and any other cadet related tasks deemed necessary and proper by the unit commander.

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