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New Seniors Guide

We are more than willing to walk you through each step in person; it takes about 60 to 90 minute to complete everything.  We must use snail mail to send physical documents to Maxwell Air Force Base so the time delay in joining will be about a week to ten days on average. 



Here is the info on how to join from National.


New Senior Member Pack: 

This is a combination of two (no longer published) CAP National books and various squadron made documents. I suggest you print out the first 20 (or less) pages after you browse through the 50+ page document.



To help you summarize what needs to happen this is the short list of how a Senior member joins and begins their CAP career.


  1. Senior Application Checklist

  2. A check for $58 made payable to “NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, CAP” for your Initial Dues

  3. Completed CAP F12  (Application for Senior Membership in CAP)

  4. FBI Fingerprint Card (CardStock from CAP NHQ with pre stamped info)

  5. (online THREE PART) PA Child Abuse History - PA Criminal Background - FBI check (or 10 year Disclosure statement) *We can do this on site but you will need about an hour.

  6. PA DL 503 - Request for Driver Info + copy of driver's license (front and back) for CAP License.

  7. Any Documentation required for immediate placement to a higher rank. (Former Cadet, Military, various College Degrees etc.

  8. Mail your completed application, fingerprint card and dues payment to:

    Civil Air Patrol/DP
    105 S. Hansell St. Bldg 714
    Maxwell AFB, AL  36112 
  9. With your CAP ID you can log into E services and upload your drivers license and PA driver history - (same place you got the PA state child clearances; or upload your PA DL 503 and Wing will get the history.

  10. You read some info online, take a test and pass your 'level 1'. Then you will have a 'summary conversation' with a senior member who will update your record so you're now allowed to be around the cadets unsupervised.

  11. This is when you choose which professional development tracks interest you.  You will begin your training and start doing your job so that you can earn your 'tech rating' a few months (or years depending on the track you choose) down the road.

  12. Six months later you earn your 2nd Lt rank.  You must be actively involved and wearing a proper uniform when required.  No other training is required.

  13. 18 months after you earn the 2nd Lt rank (2 years time in ) you earn 1st Lt.  *You will need to take a few classes, earn a tech rating in your job and a few other things.

  14. Future ranks and higher tech ratings require too many steps to list; you'll learn all the requirements as time goes on.


*There are ways to get higher ranks immediately depending on your education training and background / or military service.


Some of the training info is found here:


FAQ are located here:



Keep in mind; the squadron does have a small collection of uniforms.  Senior members have a few other choices they can wear.  Do not buy anything until you have checked to see if our squadron has your sizes.  Depending on the event the uniforms vary; the most common one that senior members wear is here:


You can choose to buy the cheaper light blue alternatives or you can pick one of the other various uniforms.  But this one is an 'all in one' works everywhere type of thing; a simple shirt - with dress shoes/pants and you're good to go...  Be sure to click the check box and have your name and PD track put onto the shirt before you order it (if buying the more expensive version)


There are a huge amount of training and volunteer opportunities available; please see our calendar and speak with your professional development officer for more details. 




Our Squadron Welcome guide:

Here is a 'cliff notes version' of all the important regulations with information relevant to our squadron.  We generally print the first 20 pages (double sided) for our cadets; information beyond that is mostly geared towards Adult members.




Chapter 27: Yeager Test / Ribbon


It is highly recommended that you become familiar with Aerospace Education by taking the “Yeager Test” This is not hard to accomplish; depending on your background almost half of these questions should be instantly easy to answer for you.... The other half will require looking things up -- Laws, Dates, Aircraft model numbers, things that nobody could expect us to memorize which is why it is OPEN BOOK.


All seniors should know this general info to be capable of helping the cadets; as the cadets all know this stuff front and back.


I have taken all the documents and merged them into one easy to read (and search) file.


Click in our Squadron drive (aerospace folder) here- download - open - and use it as a reference when taking the test.


100 questions - this will take you 2 or 3 hours depending on your knowledge level. You need this for Aerospace Senior rating, Level 3 and Captain Rank.  You earn the Yeager ribbon when you pass this.


The test is here:


National site:


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