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Seniors at Encampment

The Cadet Training Schools are ran by the Cadets; with support from the Seniors.    If your interested in staffing CTS you will need to prepare yourself by learning a few things:

CTS Senior Staff,

All senior staff are required to complete the following modules before arriving at CTS.  Please review your records to ensure that you have met the requirements ASAP.   

Unfortunately, if you show-up without all the required training completed, we may not be able to accept you to staff CTS.   Please have these requirements completed by June 7, 2018.  If you have any questions, please let me know ASAP.  We do not want to turn anyone away!!!!


There are additional requirements -- check the CTS website at Out-of-state members: please note that you are required by state law to obtain the Pa clearances.


For All Staff:

CPPT Basic

PA Clearances (

Risk Management: Basic and Intermediate

TLC (Training Leaders of Cadets)

BIC (Basic Instructor Course)


For TAC, FTO, Medical, and Command Staff:

CPPT Advanced

Highly Recommend having the following:

                        SIRS How to Enter A Statement

SIRS How to File a Mishap Step 1

SIRS How to Update a Mishap Step 2


All training can be found in eServices under Learning Management System:


BIC (Basic Instructor Course).  Find this in Professional Development block of LMS thru eServices.

CPPT Basic and Advanced.  Find this in the first block in LMS

TLC (Training Leaders of Cadets): Course will be TBA at Fort Indiantown Gap.

RM Basic and RM Intermediate:  Under Safety: Other Courses

Basic and Intermediate Risk Management


For CTS Drivers:

Current CAP Driver’s License

Highly Recommend having the following (found in Safety Monthly Education)

Passenger Van Safety, 

Tire Safety


More info for Drivers:

First of all, THANK YOU for being willing to assist with transporting our members to and/or from CTS this summer!  It's a highlight and many times a turning point in a member's CAP career.

Attached is a map overview of the "recommended" travel route - including a restroom/leg stretch break and lunch stop near the Gap prior to sign in.  As all of our vans/POVs don't have a second senior, please try to stay in the general vicinity of each other as a safety/emergency precaution.  That being said, YOU are responsible for your own van, its passengers, and the route you need to take to arrive safely.

Please also ensure that your van has at least 3/4 tank of gas upon drop off at the Gap as it will be full of gas at the end of CTS when you or the appointed driver again takes possession of the van.  CTS does not have funds to pay for everyone's drive to and from the Gap.  The squadron where the van is assigned should reimburse you for the fuel used during the transports if you keep your receipts to turn in (one of the obligations of having a CAP van is to get the van to and from CTS each year).


Donations or contributions toward fuel are encouraged and should be cheerfully accepted, but 100% of the donation MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE SQUADRON reimbursing the fuel expense. Do not use a cash contribution to purchase your fuel as CAP requires tracking of all fuel expenses by the squadron (I know this seems like the long way around, but it's all about maintaining accountability and integrity -- right?).


Below are the address points in the route, so you can program a GPS if you wish.  The recommended restroom break point in Centre Hall is a very large and new Sheetz.  The recommended lunch location is only 2 miles from sign in and has a McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway, and Dunkin' Donuts (something for everyone!).


If you need a ride back home after dropping the cadets off, please confer with the other drivers listed on the roster.  

Suggested rally points:

Erie Rally Point:  Burger King, 7800 Peach St, Erie

Meadville Rally Point:  Port Meadville Airport, 16306 Corporate Dr, Meadville

Mercer Rally Point:  Burger King, 215 Steingrabe Rd, Mercer

Clarion Rally Point:  McDonlad's, 136 Perkins Rd, Clarion

DuBois Rally Point:  Snappy's, 2807 Bee Line Hwy, DuBois


Restroom Break:  Sheetz, 106 Savannah Ln, Old Fort Rd, Centre Hall

Lunch Stop:  Burger King (other options nearby), 8 Fisher Ave, Jonestown


Inprocessing/Sign-In:  CAP PA Wing HQ, 108 Lackawanna St, Jonestown



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