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Color & Honor Guard

There is a fine line between Color Guard and Honor Guard.  The easiest way to distinguish them is by asking a question: Did you go to the (Wing, Region or National) Honor Guard academy for seven days of training?   If the answer is "no" then you can not wear the Honor Guard uniform.  You can still perform some of the same tasks in the community dressed as a 'Color Guard'.   A more official definition is as follows:

Colorsor flags, are often carried by both, but the primary purpose of the Color Guard is to present the National Colors at a presentation or ceremony. The Honor Guard may present the Colors, but their main purpose is to present a contingent to bear honors at ceremonies or funerals.

The Honor Guard Uniform

The Honor Guard’s uniform is similar to the United State Air Force Honor Guard, but with differences. The shoulder cord is not the same style, only the color. The silver stripe is not worn on the sleeve, trousers, or slacks nor does the service hat have a silver trimmed bill or silver chinstrap. The Air Force Honor Guard Ceremonial belt is not worn, but instead a white pistol belt with nickel hardware is worn. The patch on the ascot is a different shape and color.

What do I need to perform?

The minimum requirements for Honor Guard participation are:

Service Coat

A service coat can be purchased at full price in person with your CAPID at any AFB uniform store (exchange), i.e. Andrews AFB, MD or Bolling AFB in DC, or Langley AFB in Hampton Roads, VA.   For the patient, you may be able to acquire service coats at no charge at AFB thrift stores or from our squadron inventory (which comes from thrift store shopping trips made by squadron members on scavenging sprees for cadet-sized USAF uniforms).  Some parents are also able to successfully purchase gently-used more affordable service coats online at stores like ebay.

Wheel Cover (with back strap & CAP device)

CAP wheel caps are rarely found via thrift stores and most always need to be purchased either through Vanguard or in person at the AFB uniform exchanges mentioned above for $50.  Rear chinstraps and Wheel Cap CAP devices from Vanguard. 

Wheel Cover Cap - Civil Air Patrol Company Grade Service Cap - Male (for both male & female HG cadets) $65 at Vanguard - but only $40.00 at the Exchange

Cap Strap:  black back with buckle  $11 

Civil Air Patrol cap device - Cadet Officer Male (for both male & female) $8

Additional Items to Borrow or Invest:

The squadron currently owns the remaining items to outfit six Honor Guardsmen at each event.  The items below can be borrowed on a rotation of current eligible members.  

Note:  It is helpful to the program and maximum member participation when a cadet is able to own/purchase these items personally to be available for performances requiring more than six members.  

White Bib Scarf (Ascot)  $11.90

Honor Guard Patch (to be sewn on bib/ascot) $2.25

Belt & Buckle - Parade (pistol belt) $42  Available on Vanguard but - Do not order from Vanguard!  See Honor Guard Commander.  This item is ordered through Parade magazine.

Gloves & Silver Shoulder Cord  (These are also available through Vanguard but see Honor Guard Cadet Commander for ordering instruction.  These items come with recommendations and alternate purchase source may be necessary depending on type service coat owned.)  

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