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Cyber Patriot

The Cyber Patriot program spans almost the entire year if you are serious about training and competing.  This image gives an example from the 2019 -2020 year:




Coaches will receive an email that looks like this:  (Email has been edited to remove sensitive information)




Subject: CP-XII Training Round Images and Download Instructions


Dear Coach, 


Welcome to the CyberPatriot XII Training Round! The round is a time for you and your team to learn about the basics of CyberPatriot in a low-stress environment. While teams can earn points in the Training Round, scores are not recorded for the CP-XII competition. Many of the steps to securing the operating systems in this round can be found in the training materials on the Volunteer Dashboard.


There are no hyperlinks in this email. Please cut and paste the URLs into your browser.




Training Round Images

The Training Round images are:

  • Windows 10
  • Server 2016
  • Ubuntu 16


Each image includes an Answer Key in the Readme file on the image desktop. New or inexperienced teams may use the Answer Key to learn how to find and fix simple vulnerabilities and prepare for the first round of competition. The images are available until: 11:59 Eastern Time on Oct. 1, 2019.


Training Round Rules

The rules of the competition in the CyberPatriot XI Rules Book ( apply to the Training Round, especially those rules dealing with offensive activities. However, some of the rules are less rigid for the Training Round. The following differences are for the Training Round only and are important:


  • Teams may open the images an unlimited number of times and have multiple instances open simultaneously.
  • There is no time limit on the images, other than the expiration time at the end of the round. 
  • Coaches must control the images and password and use of the images for training current or potential CyberPatriot participants.
  • Since the Training Round is not a competition round, Coaches and team Mentors may train with the images to familiarize themselves with the competition.


Download Instructions and Password

Please review and download the images at:




The password to extract all three images is:  (removed)


For team Unique Identifiers, please sign into the CyberPatriot website at and click on COMPETITION SIGN IN (in the upper right corner). The Unique Identifiers will be on the Coach's Dashboard.


Note: Unique Identifiers have been changed from the Exhibition Round.


Technical Support

The CyberPatriot Program Office is available for technical support from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday through Friday at 877-885-5716. Support will not be available on weekends or holidays. 



Avoiding Common Issues

  • Download the images as soon as possible. Image sizes are several gigabytes.
  • Read the README.txt and Forensic Questions files FIRST.
  • DO NOT MODIFY, DELETE, OR ALTER the "CyberPatriot Scoring" service or anything in the folder called "CyberPatriot." All of these files are required for the system to run properly and should not be changed in any way.
  • Treat your images as examination material and strictly control their distribution. These images and the CCS software are the intellectual property of the Air Force Association. Distributing images or causing them to be distributed to individuals outside of your team may result in penalties for your team this season.
  • Modification of the VMware Workstation Player settings for the image (increasing the memory, number of cores, etc.), may cause the image to become destabilized.
  • Please do not use VSphere or cloud hosting to distribute your images during the round. Doing so may use up the number of license keys we have available.
  • View the training video at on how to prepare your image for the round.
  • If you are using a laptop that does NOT have a CD/DVD drive, you may receive a sata0:1 error. Please select No and you will be able to enter into the image. Scoring on the image WILL NOT BE IMPACTED whether or not you have a CD/DVD drive.
  • Finally, please remember to delete all images on the last day of the Training Round.


Connection Test

Some teams have difficulty competing in CyberPatriot because they are unable to achieve Internet connectivity to our scoring server. This often happens because filters, firewalls, or proxies are preventing access. To ensure that your scores are being sent to the server, please download and unzip the Connection Test at the link below:


If you receive errors connecting to our scoring server and are unable to resolve them with your IT administrator, please call 877-885-5716 or email

Updated Training Materials and Preparation

Training materials are posted on the Coach/Mentor Dashboard for the Training Round. The training materials are entry-level for the competition, and additional study and mentoring will be required for more advanced topics.


New Coaches may find the thoughts of previous Coaches and Mentors of the Year helpful in the Appendices to the training materials.


The CP-XII Rules Book will be released soon. Supplementary training videos are available under Resources on the Volunteer Dashboard for both Coaches and Mentors.

If you have any technical and competition-related questions, please email


Please send Registration and Dashboard questions to



The CyberPatriot Program Office

(877) 885-5716

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