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Mission Staff Assistants



There are a few Staff positions to cover; Finance, Logistics,  Operations, Public Information, Safety Officer

All tasks you must complete are listed in this document on the National Website:


There are a few levels to this. 
1. PIO Awareness Course G0289
2. Basic PIO G0290
3. JIS/JIC Planning for PIO's G0291
4. All Hazards PIO L0952
5. Advanced PIO E0388
6. PIO Masters Course E0389



The only prerequisite to begin training as a Financial/Admin Section Chief is that of Mission Staff Assistant.

The five basic skills needed as an FASC are to demonstrate the ability to:

  • provide financial and cost analysis information as requested.
  • determine the need andset up and operate an incient commissary
  • keep and transmit all personell and equipment time records to the appropriate agencies
  • provide financial inout to the demobilization plan
  • provide the obligation documents to the Incident Commander

Any of the other Section Chief positions are in parallel with the FASC. FASC is not a prerequisite to any other Emergency Services qualification.

For a complete index of all Emergency Services qualifications please visit the ES Qualifications Matrix page.

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